Harmony and balance

Reiki re-balance the body’s own energy system and brings harmony to the mind and soul.

What Reiki is?


Reiki is a holistic treatment which is greatly beneficial in aiding mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

A peaceful therapy that allows the mind to be in its natural state. Using Universal Energy to re-balance the body’s own energy system, Reiki supports the body  as a whole to improve  physical, emotional and overall well-being. Brings calmness to the mind, relaxation to the body and develops the bodies own natural healing process.


What happens during a Reiki session?


During a Reiki session, the client stays fully clothed and  lay down on a massage bed. It’s a nice treatment with or without touch depends on which one the person’s prefer. Both way work same well, it’s absolutely fine whichever it choosen.

Client could feel inner warmth or coolness during the treatment and most of the time deep relaxation.

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