Quantum Touch

Power to Heal

This simple but special energy-vibration method works on body’s energetic field and promote deep cellular healing.

What Quantum Touch is?


Quantum-Touch is a method of energy therapy that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.

Quantum-Touch works to raise the vibration of the body’s natural energy field, it is completely harmonious with the body’s innate healing wisdom.  It is safe and effective and helps the body restore balance in its cells, tissues, systems, and organs.

Everything is energy, and the energy has vibration which is affect your body, all your cells and molecules. Furthermore thought and feeling are energy too so they have vibration as well. From this space you can change, heal anything when you give energy to it, raise the vibration. That is what QT do, give you the life force energy and love and care, that you and your body can heal.

What happens during a Quantum Touch session?


During a Quantum-Touch session, the client stays fully clothed and  stand or sit depends on what part of the body we working on. Client could feel inner warmth or coolness during the treatmentand most of the time deep relaxation.

The treatment is focus on the area of the body where the pain or discomfort is located and around.

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